Friday, 5 January 2018

Views of Preston created by Uclan Games Design Students

“Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas.” 
– Charles & Ray Eames

Created in 1952, the most successful toy of Charles & Ray Eames is a series of cards printed with images, that could be built into three-dimensional structures. These creations have become a classic and cult object enjoyed by both children and adults. Upholding their appreciation for the uncommon beauty of ordinary things, the slotted cards display a rich assortment of photographs typifying the period they come from
The House of Cards can be assembled together to form fantastic structures both large and small.

Our Games Design second year students were set a brief to design a set of nine cards that would emulate the 'House of Cards' deck but would now depict the city of Preston where their campus is located. 
They would also mix and combine these images with other more abstract concepts using blend layers in Adobe Photoshop to create a multi-layered image that becomes abstract or surreal in nature and captures their emotions and fantasies about the spirit of the place.
This also helped students to learn more about the use of layers in Adobe Photoshop and to develop their aesthetic visual skills. A good eye for presentation and layout is very important, especially when preparing a digital portfolio of work.

Jacob Thursfield

Heather Holden

Ben Parkinson

Catarina Martins

Simon Ashcroft

Nicole Bennett

Roberto Boccara

Luke Briggs

Peter Dimitrov

Jake Kirkby

James Moorby

Jack Roberts

Sean Phillips

Anthony Tiffin-Steele

Edgaras Barsketis

Mustafa Yahya

Thursday, 7 December 2017

First Year Games Design Students make games at UCLan

First year students have been using Scirra's Construct 2 game engine
to design artwork for and build their own Top Down Games
with tutor, Bev Bush.
They've designed a variety of sprite creatures and tiled background canvases,sourced or created specific sound effects and music, and created a variety of games that are colourful and fun to play, using visual coding only. Construct 2 is intuitive to work with and once initial tutorials have been followed, students find they can be playful with the visual coding to implement their own events and actions to instigate the game play.
Student work in progress can be seen on the Game Jolt website
at the following links:

Amy Sealey

Daniel Ryan

Dominic Kay

Eva Iglesias

Francis Edwards

George Tomes

Jack England

Jake Tiernan

James Daniels

Jamie Baxter

Morgan Chesworth

Joseph Holcroft

Niall Platt

Jamie Cox

Stacey Satchell

Steven Tomley

Thomas Durrant