Sunday, 4 October 2009

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  1. A very realistic, if bordering on bitterly cynical, interpretation of the industry. As I said in response to the student discussing "CoD17" it will be incredibly difficult (likely impossible) for us to escape the system of callous money-orientated business practies. Movies, books and games will always be plagued by sequels, remakes, IP cash ins and so forth, because there is just too much money on the line.

    Nonetheless as Oliver says, it will also always be true that among all that mediocre pap and "trash", there will be gems that find their way through the marketting filters and onto our screens. There will always be innovative games making it through the hollow machine of business, just as there will always be great movies and books released.

    Clearly Oliver and I share the same sense of cynical optimism. Despite accepting how poor things can be, there is still room for creativity and imagination in every medium.