Sunday, 4 October 2009

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  1. While I think more group projects, team skill development and even verbal presentation/community interaction can always be an improvement (given how community and team based the industry is, a games company is defined by how well the people in it can communiate and co-ordinate with each other) it's no doubt getting harder to find time for that when the classes are so big.

    As for testing the specialisation water early, it could be good for encouraging (or discouraging) people down a path a little earlier, but in my year, alot of people didn't find their strength until midway into Year 2. People who feel they cannot draw for example, find a surpising aptitude and love for 3D modelling once they immerse themselves in Maya, or even engine work in Unreal.

    Forcing people to specialise so early could be damaging to the confidence of those which haven't found their feet yet, although it would be very helpful and enjoyable for those that have.