Sunday, 4 October 2009

Academia and Games Industry

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  1. Indeed there are already sites like GameArtisans, and even DeviantArt where artists and modellers can get regular critique and feedback from industry professionals, and even attract the attention of talent spotters.

    Unfortunately, there is no site which I have found where designers can post their stuff for feedback and critique in the same way, no doubt once again oweing to how much time it takes to properly analyse the quality of a good design document or even the execution of a premise. There is no immediate way designers can say "hey look, I'm excellent", whereas they can just look at a piece of art or model and say "wow, great, let's hire him".

    Also, because of the lack of immediacy, the good couldn't rise to the fore as fast, and no doubt the site would be over-run with horrendous design that reflects badly on the community as a whole, wasting the time of the professionals who come by to help.

    It's dissapointing definitely, and links into the problem I had making a portfolio focused on design.