Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Games Industry


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  2. EDIT:
    All good points from the Kaile monster. It's hard to tell how companies really feel about expansion and hiring students into entry level positions, because they always give out an atmosphere of being defensive and guarded. Outwardly, it would almost appear they are totally satisfied with the teams that they have, one rep at Game Grads actually said to me that "the designers they always used were still with them", implying what? That there would be no need for new designers until the current ones retire or die?

    The industry could of course always benefit from new blood and new ideas, but I wonder how many of them see it like that. They put out the appearence of being an impenetrable fortress, a side effect perhaps of being innondated constantly with CVs from freelancers etc..

    That is one reason why the Uni is so helpful for me, as it can get us "in" with certain companies they are affiliated with, allowing us to gather the experience necessary to set us apart from the crowd, and maybe even get those "3 years".