Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Creative Thinking Games Design Year 1


  1. The puzzle concept for Clamtasia is interesting - reminded me of sudoku somewhat. Difficult to design though, I think it would do my head in trying to think of new patterns for it. Good idea though!

    I'm pleased that the first years are doing observation drawing. I'm not a fantastic artist, but drawing from life really helped me with developing my artistic skills. Trying to think and see in spheres and blocks is so hard though.

    From J Tibber

  2. Lindsay

    Clamtasia was awesome. It needs a cartoon series XD Same goes for 'Mr Sandman's Teaparty' we got to into the characters in that one XD

  3. We all had fun with the Clamtasia project, I agree with what J tibber said, I usually draw with a manga style, but recently I started to draw more life like and just real life drawing really and I have been improving, not much but still, just comparing what I drawn in the summer and what I have drawn now there is a lot of difference. It is hard to think in shapes, but now I can position someone well, without it looking dodgy and lanky..


  4. Barbara, that's lovely to hear as it's exactly what we're aiming for regarding your drawing. The drawing elective is designed to help you to develop your drawing skills and get you drawing frequently. "The more you draw the better you draw" etc....you've all heard that before, I'm sure...but it's true ;-)