Tuesday, 12 April 2011

David Howell's Temple of Anubis

You may be inerested to see this video from David Howell's UDK level.
David created this recently as part of his second year games design module where students are set a project to create a working game level using their own custom made textures, 3d objects and the UDK engine.

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  1. Hey David, great stuff! Really enjoyed looking at your work. You've learned some pretty advanced techniques in there.

    I especially like the camera follow for the Guardian running through your level and also the timed blue material on the large pillar. Really cool stuff.

    Your lighting in some of the rooms is a bit off and sometimes too dark in places. And also if I was playing the game I would find it unclear in which direction to go in sometimes. Maybe adding lighting to specfic points highlighting an objective would help.

    I also wouldnt punish the player for spelling the name wrong, there needs to be some kind of indication that the player needs to spell Anubis before they jump and make a mistake, that way its their own fault if they fall.

    Really good work all in all though, I wouldnt imagine doing something as technical as that in my second year. Can't wait to see some more stuff