Sunday, 3 May 2015

Uclan Groups present GAME JAM concepts

The first annual UCLan Game Jam is upon us! Students have 4 weeks to create any game of their choice. 1st year and 2nd year Game Design students work together on this project.
Students are free to pick their game platform of choice – whether it be a 3D engine such as Unreal Engine 4, Construct 2 or a paper game – it is up to them to decide what your strongest platform will be to present a game idea.
A committee of Industry professionals have agreed to judge the games and give out prizes to be won at the Finale where each group must submit a complete, playable game. The game will be judged on playability, accessibility, design, visuals and team collaboration.

Group 1 GAME JAM concept introduced by Sarah Akers and Alex Haddow-Mendes 2015
Group 2 GAME JAM concept introduced by Catherine Clarke Drago and Mikey Stones

Group 3 GAME JAM concept introduced by Scott Swarbrick and Shannon Patterson

Group 4 GAME JAM concept introduced by Jack Tidy and Rob Thorne

Group 5 GAME JAM concept introduced by Gareth Hart and Chris Leatham

Group 6 GAME JAM concept introduced by Rashel Miah and Sean Boardman

Group 7 GAME JAM concept introduced by Adam Mattis and Robin Williams

Group 8 GAME JAM concept introduced by Josh Healey and Anthony Winbrow


  1. Great activity i am so happy to see this lots of student interested to play games and which types of games you are making post some detail guys .
    thanks for share great work out keep it up .

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  2. This is something that I really regret in my earlier years that I never did a games design course