Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Games Design Graduate lands job in UCLan's Innovation Lab.

Congratulations to our Games Design graduate, and Alumni, Jakob MacDonald who just started his new job at UCLan in the Innovation Lab where he gets to explore lots of new technology and work with a talented team led by Danny Livingstone, with some great clients!

In his own words he's doing,

'Games Design and XR development now! Basically playing around with VR and Hololens, literally anything from 3D architectural simulations to Augmented medical procedures.'

Well done Jakob !

Monday, 3 February 2020

Uclan Games Design students in Global Games Jam 2020!

What a truly awesome bunch of students and Alumni we have!
They've all worked really hard together in groups over the whole weekend for long hours and they've now completed the Global Game Jam 2020.

The Global Game Jam 2020 started on Fri 31st Jan in all sites around the world, and this year's theme is...

The theme reveal clip at the end of the GGJ20 keynote video showed objects in various states of repair, breaking and repairing buildings and pots, repairing relationships, and plants repairing themselves.

See the theme video.

You can see the UCLan Game Jam link here.


Lewis Wright, who organised the event at UCLan with Simon Ashcroft said, 'Everyone smashed it out of the park, cleanest game jam I've been a part of. Every group had fun and a working game by the end of it.'

They recorded all of the games that were shown at the end, including the game dev ones as a comparison. They're gonna make a show-reel out of them for us all to see on the YouTube channel.

They even tidied the studio room before they left. Time for some well deserved sleep for them all. Wish I could have joined them this year as the comradery and sense of fun was evident as always as we watched them working away via Twitch TV. ☺️

So proud of you all!

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

UCLan Games Design projects with GSM Research Group

Latest News from Paresh Parmar: Head of International Development & Partnerships for School of Art, Design & Fashion at University of Central Lancashire.

'We are grateful that 2019 gave us (GSM - Global Sound Movement) the opportunity to present our working concepts on cultural preservation at the ‘2019 British Science Festive Press Conference’. Happy to share that it caught the eye of some top press. The Virtual Reality Hani Drum was sighted as innovation in cultural preservation. Thanks to Josh Taylor, Josh Write & Bev Bush ‘BA (Hons) Games Design’ at UCLan. You really helped us push the boundaries. Josh Wright and Josh Taylor from UCLan Games Design developed the VR Hani Drum. Now people can actually play this ancient drum, without damaging it, our travelling to the distant mountains of the Yunnan, China. Watch the clip, more coming soon...'

GSM on BBC North West Tonight - 18 Sept 2019.
The pioneering work in virtual reality (VR) from UCLan’s Global Sound Movement (GSM), which is allowing rare musical instruments from around the world to be digitally preserved, was showcased at the British Science Festival. GSM’s innovative work with VR allows user interactivity with instruments from hard to reach geographical locations. Participants play music whilst receiving haptic feedback and triggering the actual sound of the musical instrument. The technology also allows for remote tutoring from someone in a different location, but within the same VR environment. Paresh Parmar, Co-founder of Global Sound Movement and Senior Lecturer at UCLan, said: “GSM is dedicated to preserving musical instruments of cultural significance and combining innovative new technologies making them globally accessible. This enables musicians and non-musicians to access these wonderful instruments and sounds, whilst providing resources for the original communities GSM worked with.” A core belief of GSM is to preserve and share the sounds of the world. To achieve this, GSM is constantly developing new technologies to expand the reach of their work and enable people, regardless of musical talent, to engage, compose or simply enjoy music. The virtual instruments and corresponding
sound libraries can also be integrated with music production software, enabling composers internationally to use these rare sounds. All proceeds from the technology goes back into the local communities from which the instruments are recorded.
Also see:

Bev Bush from UCLan Games Design worked with GSM to develop the Hani Embroidery App.

This research is part of a collaboration with The Global Sound Movement. Audiences can interact in a unique way with GSM sampled sounds from the drums of the Hani Tribe in China to create an embroidery pattern which celebrates their rhythms and traditional costume designs.
“Can gamification be used as an interactive and transformative tool for artistic expression to engage learning, encourage appreciation and to illustrate traditional, historical and cultural related experience?”
Advertising designer Elliot Harris’ animated film of 2002, ‘Burberry-Rain’ identifies the 4 – dimensional properties of Burberry fabric. In 2013 Sophia George developed a game based on ‘The Strawberry Thief’ which re-vitalized the art of William Morris. The Hani App moves beyond re-vitalization of a design to involve interaction with sound and illustration of traditional crafts, exploring the use of digital tools to create unique artefacts. This acknowledges and records ideas and objects which may otherwise be lost or forgotten.
‘The Art of Computer Game Design.’(Crawford, C. 1997)
‘Play, Games and Gamification in Contemporary Art Museums.’(Romualdo, S. 2013)
‘Gamification in the Arts.’ (Bouchard, A. 2014)
An exploratory, prototyping methodology was used in this project, allowing for a flexible development style. Sprite Designs were created in Adobe Photoshop and implemented into the App using Scirra’s Construct game engine. The work was inspired by GSM’s photos and sampled sounds and is available to the public as an interactive App on the GSM website, also in the GSM South China Exhibitions and as a video on Vimeo with images of artefacts that can be purchased from the shop at this link.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Third year Games Design students chosen for placement at Rebellion Oxford.

Very excited for our third year games design students, Jacob Simpson and Scott Hamilton as they head down to Oxford for their visit to @Rebellion.
With a 5.30 am start, he guys wrote on Twitter:
'Up bright and early with @SHGameDesign to go down to @Rebellion, only a 3 and a half hour train each way. Regardless, somehow we're still hyped beyond belief and ready to go! See you soon!'


Many thanks to the guys at Rebellion for making this possible and also special thanks to Saija Wintersun who attended the big UCLan CJam event to interview and identify students for this opportunity.


Jacob and Scott were so happy to have this opportunity which really helps them to connect with industry and is so inspiring for them as designers.
Huge thanks to the designers at Rebellion for spending time with them. Both found it a very valuable experience and were pleased to meet such great people from the industry.



Our Uclan Games Design Course was excited to take part in cJAM: Media during Nov 2019! We were so proud to welcome our Alumni @UCLanJMP, Saija Wintersun, now Senior Environment Artist at @Rebellion, Oxford.
cJam at UCLan is a vibrant showcase event that enables our talented students to meet face-to-face with senior industry professionals, to share ideas, make connections and pitch for opportunities. cJAM events are hosted by the Faculty of Culture and the Creative Industries and the objective of today is to give our students the opportunity to win placements that will help launch their careers. It is so important that our students understand the pace of change within the different media sectors, how digital technology is affecting the industry, and the best career opportunities open to them. 

Friday, 13 December 2019

UCLan Games Design Christmas Party 2019!

Great Christmas Party! Great Company! Lots of fun. Happy Tutors :)

The photos speak for themselves:

Wishing all our lovely Games Design students a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year 2020!

Have a great holiday and see you next year.