Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Grads in Games Awards Finalists 2020

Good Luck to TT Games and Arthur Parsons

TT Games are UCLan nominees and finalists in both the Industry Collaboration Award and 
Graduate Employer Award with Grads in Games 2020 for their outstanding support and 
encouragement to our students on the UCLan Games Design courses and for employing so many 
of our graduates.

We would particularly like to thank Arthur Parsons for his unwavering support.

Also wishing all the best to Jakob MacDonald

UCLan graduate of both the BA and MA Games Design courses, Jakob is currently working with UCLan DigitalPlus on a variety of high-tech creative projects.
Jakob is a finalist in the Games in Grads 'Student Game award' for his innovative VR game that's designed to help raise awareness for national antibiotic awareness week 2019. In an aid to help educate younger audiences, the dangers of antibiotic resistance and the practices of over prescribing antibiotics in the UK.

You can read about the game in the following link: 


The best of luck to our UCLan BA and MA Games Design graduate, 

Simon Ashcroft

Simon is a finalist for the 'Student Hero' Award. Over the year Simon has worked on numerous group projects as both a team member and lead. He has engaged many other students to take part in collaborative projects and has rallied those who are confident and also those who need some support and encouragement. His enthusiasm and passion for games has fostered gatherings of students to work and play and design together in a friendly creative spirit. Most recently he co-organised and participated in the Global Game Jam 2020 where he was the lead of the team that created the game ‘Karting ways’ which attracted interest from various sources.

Congratulations to all finalists, and looking forward to the announcements from September 15th!

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Lance Muir's Witch's Den and Tank Shooter Game.

Show-casing work from our first year students on the UCLan Games Design course. This selection is from Lance Muir who has now completed his first year of study on our games design course.

The first image is a selection of 3D props that Lance created in Autodesk Maya and textured in Adobe Photoshop.
The Diorama scene is a Witch's Den populated with 3D props that are textured in Adobe Photoshop and also baked in Substance Painter to
create normal maps for additional layered materials.

You can see more of Lance's work in 360 view here: SketchFab

Also try Lance Muir’s Helicopter & Tank Shooter Game.

First year students were asked to design digitally painted animated sprites
and import them into Construct 3 to create a top down shooter game.

The brief involved the following criteria:

Learning Outcomes
· Use of alpha channels and seamless texturing in Photoshop
· Develop digital painting techniques
· Generate assets for a top down shooter game
· Develop skills and knowledge of the Construct 3 software engine

· Generate 1 player and 1 enemy sprite using digital painting
   techniques and alpha channels.
· Explore the process of creating a game from the top down view.
· Design a repeat pattern floor to act as a backdrop for your character
· Import your designed assets into Construct 3 and add events and
   interactivity using visual programming to create a working game.

Play Lance Muir's game at the following link on the SCIRRA ARCADE


Friday, 19 June 2020

UCLan Games Design- First year work - Jotham Bate

Show-casing work from our first year students on the UCLan Games Design course.
This selection is from Jotham Bate who recently completed his first year of study on our games design course.
Jotham was also the Student Year 1 Course Representative for 2019-20

You can see more of his work on SketchFab

Here we have a selection of low-polygon 3D props created and uv-mapped in Autodesk Maya
and textured with hand painted images from Adobe Photoshop.
Substance Painter has also been used for the Tankard and the Pouch to bake the high and low versions of the mesh to create a normal map which was added in SketchFab.
The models were also imported into the UE4 game engine.

 Bag of Loot, Barrels, Tankard and Bavarian Axe.

Marshy Chapel Diorama

Jotham also created a Top Down Shooter Game in Construct 3 where he designed and created the
2D animated sprites in Adobe Photoshop and brought them to life in a fast paced little shoot 'em up game.

You can play Go Cart Assassin in the Scirra Arcade

Friday, 12 June 2020

Uclan Games Course Virtual Degree Show!

Ready for take off !

We're so excited to showcase our fantastic students work TODAY, Friday 12th June 4 - 7 pm with guest industry speakers


You'll also be able to download the experience from 4 pm - allowing you to have a close look yourself!

Take a look at our website for lots more information!

Monday, 1 June 2020

Emily’s Moonlit Diorama and Laser Hawk Game

Show-casing work from our first year students on the UCLan Games Design course.
This selection is from Emily Newton who just completed her first year of study on our games design course.

You can see more of Emily's work in 360 view here: SketchFab

Try Emily Newton’s Laser Hawk Game.

Stop the enemy craft destroying you by shooting at them with your Lasers and causing them to

explode. Royalty Free Music is from Hipsters Hopping by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

Sound effects are from YouTube audio library.

Use left mouse button to shoot and arrows to navigate. Avoid or shoot the spacecraft or they will kill you. Enjoy the explosions as you add hits to your score.


Friday, 29 May 2020

Holly Bradshaw Rat Projects - UCLan Games Design 2020

Holly Bradshaw has just completed her first year of study on our games design course.

She loves animals and her pet rats have become the stars of her 3D Diorama project and her Top Down Shooter game.

You can see a 360 view of the rat diorama here on SketchFab


See the game in action below.