Saturday, 14 November 2009

Year 3 students looking at how video games affect our lives

The Northern School of Design Festival Nov 11 th 09

The Games Design Festival Workshop
Shows how games are put together and helps visiting students to get a feel for how the games industry works. What kind of job opportunities are there? The answer to these and many other questions are explored in this session.
This workshop gives an exciting chance to take part in evolving a game idea. It seeks to dispel some of the myths that have built up around the games industry and provide the audience with an informed view of this increasingly popular arena.
The practical workshop is suitable for all of those interested in designing games and focuses on the relationship between game mechanics and developing actual game-play. Participants are given the opportunity to create some game-play plans of their own and receive feedback as to how to better initiate their ideas.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Christian Fell concept art and low poly modeling

Christian Fell is one of our Alumni for the Games Design Course at Uclan. He graduated with a first class honours in the summer of 2009.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Research into the potential of virtual environments by Bev Bush

Areas of Investigation

Exploring the educational and networking potential of Second Life and other virtual spaces with a view to opening up this immersive technology to our researchers, artists and designers .

Speaker at Women in Games 2008.

Encouraging creative thinking through the use of digital design and 3D building techniques across a variety of courses and using our virtual island as a social networking portal and a universal stage for designers of varied backgrounds to explore, exhibit and learn.

A team of female multi-disciplinary practitioners, have come together in the Northern School of Design to study issues surrounding immersive technology.The “Games By Girls” group intends to explore the possibilities for different subject areas to develop innovative content and alternative purposes of games .