Friday, 24 September 2010

First year brief inspired by David Henckel

David’s work is informed by the personality of everyday objects. Through a playful process of sampling and automatic drawing he combines elements of vegetation, science fiction, furniture, architecture, vehicles and other stuff to create characters and forms with absurd and comic tendencies.

Currently Henckel is artist in residence at UCLAN where he is exploring these ideas in printmaking.

This week our first year group used a particular print by David Henckel for their inspiration to create creatures, vehicles and strange constructions out of liquorice allsorts and marshmallows. The aim was to encourage students to approach design for games from unusual starting points.

The next stage will be to use the qualities of these sweet sculptures to inspire the production of drawings and 3d models.
For a real treat, see the original print that inspired us at:                                      Below are examples of some of the student sculptures in liquorice and marshmallow.