Thursday, 7 October 2010

Mobile Bullets Challenge 2010

A very successful event took place yesterday as part of B.A.(Hons) Games Design, in collaboration with Peter Melling and David Hothersall – Directors GlobiGames Ltd & Black Bull Studios Ltd.
Each year Black Bull studios run a live brief for our 2nd year students where they set a mobile phone game design challenge.
The first round of six students win prizes. The winning ideas are then developed further.
Four students are then chosen from a second round of presentations, to make up two teams alongside students studying programming at Lancaster University. The team are housed in the Media Factory over the summer and are paid for the time they commit to their development work.
As the new term begins they present their final game designs to the new 2nd year students and to a panel of prestigious judges.
This year’s competition was between the blue team’s game ‘TerraSlam’ and the red’s ‘QuikFish’ – both of which are looking very promising iPhone apps!
‘TerraSlam’ was the final winner although, after the successful publishing of last year's winner "Cabin Frenzy " we are hopeful that both games are marketable.

The Blue team comprises: 
Jack Bulmer (UCLan), Stuart Allardes (UCLan)
and Chris Winstanley (LU).  
The Red team comprises:
Richard Warner (UCLan), Stephanie Brookes (UCLan),
Adam Dadswell (LU), Iain Middlehurst (LU).  
The judging panel this year was: 
Linda Merrills - iPhone apps champion and business advisor 
Maria Stukoff  - Sony Entertainment Europe 
Andrew Leeming - Lancashire County Developments 
Nick Clarkson - Digital & Creative sector advisor 

There was an opportunity for photos and interviews of both teams and organisers and mentors.A video of proceedings was also shot during the event.
This Lancashire based mobile phone game design competition is now in its 5th year and exclusively for students from UCLan and Lancaster University working jointly in 2 competitive teams to produce the best mobile game.
This 2010 challenge was held between the Red and Blue Teams both of which have used combined skills in a quest to develop their mobile game concept into a marketable entertainment application for the Apple iPhone. I think we can all say the Mobile bullets challenge has been a success and we're delighted that it took place.
I would like to extend our thanks to Peter Melling and David Hothersall of Black Bull Studios for the encouragement and support given to the students during the creative process and for making it possible in the first place.We can definitely see the positive effect is had on the students involved.
We would also like to thank Andrew Thompson and Dave Verwer of Shiny Development, Jenny Rutter, Andrew Leeming, Yusuf Musa, Reuben Edwards, Josh Taylor, Rhoda Daly, Philip Holifield and Enda Carey for their commitment to the project.
The prize giving was an entertaining event and the students must be delighted with their generous prizes and the opportunity to be involved in such a scheme.