Saturday, 5 March 2011

3d character and vehicle designs

A selection of character and vehicle 3d models purposely designed to fit with the style of particular licensed games.
These have been created this semester in Maya and Photoshop and imported into UDK engine by Year 2 Uclan Games Design students.

The task was to design and model a character or a vehicle for an already existing Intellectual property, it had to be fully textured as a Game Ready character and imported into UDK for presentation. Through the use of sketch work and research, students explored the design of a character or vehicle before committing to a 3D model. They were also asked to produce an orthographic concept sheet before starting the modeL. 
 See movies below. Natasha Bristoe animated her Dragon and had a physical 3D model printed from the mesh and David Howell was first to have his character running around ingame in UDK and he also produced some tutorials on how to import custom characters. 
See David's tutorials here 

Students had a Polygon Budget of 6000 Triangles or less depending on the technical specifications as well as the visual style of the chosen IP. 
No textures bigger than 1024x1024 and no more than two textures for a character or vehicle.

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