Thursday, 28 April 2011

Games By Girls Continued

Steph Bow. MA. Games Design student talks about her dissertation on the role of NPC's in video games.

Natasha, 2nd year B.A. (Hons) Games Design, chats about designing characters and building them in 3D.

Friday, 22 April 2011

PreRaphaelite Penny


PreRaphaelite Penny this Easter holiday on Second Life

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hand painted textures for SDK meshes

What is an SDK?
An SDK is a model that’s been released to the community for download from the internet by its original artist, with the purpose of being used to help others learn to be better texture artists by letting them focus on just that: texturing.

Year 2: Hand painted texturing project

The task is to texture one of the SDK meshes provided and then import that into UDK for final presentation. No changes to the models are allowed and no additional props are allowed. Rigging and posing the character is ok.  

Seamless textures for 3d meshes

Year 2 students were asked to create some seamless textures. Environments are almost always dominated by seamless textures and therefore the skill required to create them properly is a very valuable skill to have. They are also a great way to optimise the use of texture space for vehicles/characters and general modular assets in environments.

You may be inerested to see this UDK level video from Rob Hayes Year 2.
Rob created this recently as part of his second year games design module where students are set a project to create a working game level using their own custom made textures, 3d objects and the UDK engine. 

You may be inerested to see this UDK level video from James Burton,
Year 2 :
James created a working game level using his own custom made textures, 
3d objects and the UDK engine.