Thursday, 14 April 2011

Games design students launch new game with FLASHBANG science

Flashbang Science has just lanched a game 'Flashbang Tubes' with the help of two Uclan games design students, Dan Startin and Harry Prestidge.  This new addition to Flashbang’s range of services in the education field will be introduced to children.

The company offers a real science opportunity to children who come along to Claire Holt’s mobile science laboratory.  The laboratory is run by professional scientists who are there to provide “hands on” practical workshops in a custom-built lab. 

Claire developed her latest idea based on maintaining children’s interest in science following on from her visits to schools and with the help of students from UCLAN’s game design course, Dan Startin/ Harry Prestidge and managed by Stephen Higgins the online games programme was devised.  
Claire says “I want the games to build upon Flashbang Science workshops. They are to be educational and fun games linked with real life science and industry.  Most children have looked at the website after their Flashbang experience and have asked for some more involvement.  This seemed the most obvious way forward in this modern technological society. I can only thank the guys at UCLAN’s School of art, design and performance for all their help, without whom we certainly wouldn’t be at the stage we are now. Their dedication to completing this game says wonders for them both and the school as a whole.”

Stephen Higgins, most instrumental in the programming and development of the game concludes, “A key goal in developing our first game for the web was to seamlessly integrate it with the broader website, which required a design which was not only creative but precise. I am looking forward to taking the skills gained during the development of Flashbang Tubes, and applying it to create ever more engaging games and other experiences.”

'Flashbang Tubes' was be launched at UCLAN on Friday 8 April in The Games Design studio, Victoria Building.

For further information please contact Claire Holt on 07802 475303 or Bev Bush at UCLAN on 01772 893372