Monday, 16 May 2011

Collaboration between Music Practice and Games Design students

Simon Partridge, Senior Lecturer on the Music Practice course, recently invited bev Bush to give a presentation of Games Design student work for Music students and staff as part of a new collaboration between the courses. This was done with a view to bring music and games students together for joint projects within the school. This is now up and running and working well on an informal basis. Next year we plan to introduce this link to the course in a formal way through collaboration on the 2nd year games design  module. 

We have encouraged the students from both disciplines to set up a Facebook group where they can discuss ideas and share opportunites for collaboration. 

This has worked very well so far in the  run up to the 'Dare to be Digital' competition where games design students come together with music and programming students to devlop a game IP for the competition. 

Congratulation to Daniel Scholes, 2nd year games design student, who's team have gone through to the next round  


Paint over scene by Rob Hayes

WE have encouraged the students in Games design to set up
 their own group on 'deviantart website, where they can post work they have done and share and receive comments. This has proved a popular place and we can see some good digital painting skills demonstrated there.
For example -
2nd year student, Rob Hayes, has recently posted some interesting development work of his own.
He describes it as a small project he's set himself to model a town scene.
Modelled in maya, rendered in udk and painted over in Photoshop.

                               See more examples like this here

Sunday, 15 May 2011

First year 'side scroller' project

Side Scroller concept and 3d Artwork Brief for Year 1 games design students
Design environments, character heroes and enemies as concept images and apply the designs to planes in Maya as a digitally hand painted textures to form a side scrolling scene. 3d modelling can also be used in Maya to enhance the scene.
Learning Outcomes
·  To develop concept art design skills and digital painting
·  To develop an understanding of alpha texturing and how to use it in a maya scene
Here are some of my tutorial sample files for students to refer to for Maya instruction followed by some of the student results.
Aaron Foster: Maya scene to demonstrate requirements of the brief

Aaron's Alpha textures tutorial and simple planar mapping.

Bev Bush:interpretation of Aaron's Maya scene.
  Sample files :'Catch a Falling Star and put it in your pocket.'

 Student work