Saturday, 14 May 2011

Student Success: placements at Vype Games

Twelve students from our 2nd year Games Design group at Uclan have been lucky enough to be offered work placement at Vype Games this year where they have had experience in designing and producing assets for a new game. Vype are Web 2.0 App developers who provide software development and website design for business, including custom built software on server, desktop or mobile devices to manage business and client information.They are currently developing a game and our students have been invited to design the visual assets for this.
Watch this space as the project develops for news on publication.

The students are being funded by the Uclan Futures scheme to have 6 days of work experience each, over a period of time. They've risen to the occasion brilliantly and we're really proud of the way that they have presented themselves professionally and organised themselves as a team to share updates and create an effective body of work. The main complaint being that if they catch the slow bus to Preston instead of the 'Express' on the way back they end up having to travel through 'Mordor' before they get home!

Here are just 4 of the 12 students involved in the work placement - Georgina, Max, Ellie and Will, pictured with Sergio, the games programmer at Vype Games.