Friday, 19 August 2011

Games design students develop their own art blogs over summer

Two of our up and coming games design students have developed their own art blogs over summer that I would like to share as both are developing their skills at a rapid pace.
Ailish is just starting her second year and has a real feel for light in her digital work.

Dare to be Digital win brings chance of BAFTA for Uclan Games students

Our very own Daniel Scholes, just starting his 3rd year on the  
BA (Hons) Games Design course at Uclan was celebrating a fantastic win this last week at 
DARE TO BE DIGITAL 2011 in Dundee ;-) alongside the rest of the team.


also comprised of recent graduates from the  
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development at Uclan Joe Hurst, Mat Stevenson and Stuart Brown. They teamed up with Mallath Abbas from Liverpool Screen School to become one of three teams to win in the Dare to be Digital competition.  
Their game 'Dreamweaver' is a puzzle-platformer for the PC which becomes nightmarish when your animal friends starts to attack … 

Rhoda Daly was there on the day to see the winners announced.

"The team did the University soooo proud.  They worked really well together and by all accounts have really put the hours in to get this prototype completed.  Their presentation was both professional and engaging.  Throughout the weekend they had the public constantly queuing up to play the game and they were so friendly and helpful with everybody playing. 
As a team they really stood out, both in working together as a group, working with the other teams and in their positive and professional attitude throughout the event."

The prize giving was nerve racking as it was the very last award to be announced - They are the 3rd overall winner of the Dare to be Digital 2011 competition and now go up against two other winners; Digital Knights and Swallowtails, to compete for the exclusive 'Ones to Watch' BAFTA award 2012.
The standard of work from the winning teams was excellent.
The 'Evolved Ape' team received £2,500

and also see UCLAN news.

We will be grilling Daniel for lots of news of his experience when he returns to the course in a few weeks .

Top 50 Best Game Design Blogs

Top 50 Best Game Design Blogs.
This is an interesting list of blogs that focus on Game design. Some are good.
It's worth a look ;-) Here