Saturday, 28 April 2012

Peter Bottomley's 'Kismet' tutorials

Part of the challenge for our year 2 Games Design students as they created and set up the game play for their Playable level designs was to learn how to use 'Kismet' in the UDK engine, so that they could introduce some interactive content.
This was made much easier for them due to the tutorials that Pete Bottomley provided.
Pete is not only an ex graduate student but he has completed his MA in Games Design and is also the co-founder of  
'White Paper Games', a small game development studio based in Manchester, UK.
They develop games for multiple platforms and are currently working on their first title, Ether. Pete is part of the games staff team at Uclan and
he has recently had a series of tutorials published at
World of Level design  
with an introduction to Kismet