Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Year 10 GCSE class visits Games Design at Uclan

Tuesday 28th March 2012– was quite a day for our year 3 Futures students
as they were challenged to present their Futures Games ideas and Apps
to a group of 14-15 year old pupils.

Principal teacher, Alan Donohoe, brought his Year 10 GCSE Computing class from
Our Lady's High School, Preston for an afternoon visit to the
Games Design studio at UCLan to help judge various aspects of the work,
including, quality of artwork, ideas, marketability, presentation etc.

For the school review of the event please visit this Blog LINK
The feedback session was a valuable experience for Games students
as it helped them to pitch their concepts to a particularly discerning audience
and created a situation with only 4 minutes each, where they had to
sell their ideas in a concise, clear and convincing way and impress the judges.

One interesting observation that came from this was that the games students
who were the most animated and spoke the most clearly,
engaging and empathising with their audience, were the ones
who received tho top marks from the pupils.

The event would have been more fun for the pupils if they had
also had a chance to do some games design work on the day,
but as we were against the clock, we plan to invite some more
school children to the Games studio very shortly,
where they can take part in some games design activity of their own.

Below are some images of students giving their presentations

Principal Teacher, Alan Donohoe offers some feedback and pointers.
Watch video here.