Friday, 17 August 2012

Two more 2012 Uclan Games Design Graduates working in Industry

Congratulations must go to two more of our fine Uclan Games Design graduates from year 2012 for securing work in the Industry.
 David Howell has just landed a fantastic position at Travellers Tales in Knutsford as a member of the Tech Art team. David will learn so much at Travellers Tales, it's a great environment to work in. Big Congratulations to him and we know he'll love every minute there.

2012 Uclan Games Design Graduates working in Industry

Graduate, Rob Higgins, has now been working as a digital artist and 3d modeller for 'Totally Wicked' in Darwen since his degree show over a month ago and he loves all the creative challenges they have offered him. Higgins has made several 3d models for them already. The company also have an interesting workshop...featuring rubber masks making
Totally Wicked - Mitch' Shop of Horrors
As part of his degree show, Higgins, (as he's affectionately known) created a 3D rail gun prop model and printed it in 3D. It's since been coveted by many admirers :)