Monday, 18 February 2013

Nik Hughes. Realtime Job Update

BIG congratulations are in order for Nik Hughes, Uclan Games Design Graduate. 

Nik has been mega busy, building up his portfolio and it's paid off !
He's managed to land a job at Soluis, a leading architectural visualiser studio.
They've placed him with their 'realtime' staff to make interactive renders :D. 
See their website here.
Solius are located in Scotland, Glasgow, so Nik has moved to Scotland.
He has updated his website too:

Well done Nik. 
We all wish you the very best in your new job from Uclan Games Design.

About Nik

He was awarded a Degree in Games Design with a Second Upper Class 
( 2.1 ) from the University of Central Lancashire in BA (Hons) Games Design.
He has been seeking a position in modelling, where he can utilize 
his ability to model high quality assets and environments

See his LinkedIn profile: