Friday, 1 March 2013

Andy Wood of Double Fine Productions QA Session

Fantastic QA Session for Uclan Games Design course !

Andy Wood from Double Fine Productions
hooked up with Uclan Games Design on Skype for a QA session.
Luckily for us, Josh Taylor, our MA Games Design Course Leader
and Jim Thompson, our Associate Head of School, both studied with 'Woody'
(as they call him) during their years at Uni.

Andy Wood is an Artist, Art director and Game Designer.
He was Art director on 'The Cave' working under Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island)
Also worked with:
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Crystal Dynamics -- Tomb Raider; Legend
Capcom -- Maximo; Ghost to Glory & Maximo vs Army of Zin

As you can imagine.....We got our questions ready! :)

You can see the video of the QA session here.

A BIG 'Thank You' to Andy for getting up at the crack of dawn (Pacific time)
just so we could ask him loads of questions!