Monday, 27 May 2013

Uclan's Games Design Alumni

We're really proud to introduce just some of our Game Design Alumni below featuring examples of their work and what they have to say about their study experience with us at Uclan.

Aaron Foster, Graduate and recent Tutor on the games design course,
currently Artist/Games Designer at Lunar Software has just granted us permission to post this fantastic image from his game, 'Routine' as part of our Alumni feature.

Following graduation, Aaron spent 2 years working as a professional 3D Environment artist
for on projects such as G-Force and Disney Universe.
He moved on from there to pursue his love of game development as a whole and to
develop his own games.
You can see some of Aaron’s past work at

Lunar Software is an independent games company based in the UK that currently consists of 3 people, Aaron Foster, Artist, Jemma Hughes and Programmer, Pete Dissler.

We're all waiting with great excitement to see the release of 'Routine' which promises to be quite an  'experience' with it's Retro-Scifi Horror theme.

So delighted to have the Lunar Software poster here amongst out Hall of Game Fame :)


Peter Field graduated from our Games course with a first class honours in Games Design 5 years ago. He's now a games designer at Naughty Dog in California which is one of the very top games studios in the world!

He's worked on some fantastic titles including Uncharted 3 and recently 'The Last of Us' which is featured in the image attached that we now have permission to use in an alumni banner!

The White Paper Games team was initially formed by UCLan graduates on the BA and MA Games Design course and the BA Music Practise course.
White Paper Games is a small game development studio based in Manchester, UK. They're currently a team of 7  working on their first release as a studio.'Ether One' is a first person puzzle game for PC and Mac.
Pete Bottomley, Co-founder / Games Designer 1st Class BA Hons Games Design, Masters with Distinction MA Games Design.
Ben Hill, Co-founder / Games Designer 2.1 BA Hons Animation, Masters with Distinction MA Games Design.
Oliver Farrell, Environment Artist 1st Class BA Hons Games Design, Masters with Distinction MA Games Design.
James Burton, Technical Artist 1st Class BA Hons Games Design, Masters with Distinction MA Games Design.
Nathaniel-Jorden Apostol, Sound Design / Composition 2.1 BA Hons Music Practice

Christian Fell  is currently working as a Concept Artist at Riot Games, Santa Monica, California.
Christian is German. He grew up in Dortmund until the age of 12, then moved to England where he studied Games design on the BA course at Uclan. 
Following graduation he worked as a concept artist for Travellers Tales Ltd
and then moved to in Shanghai to work for Gameloft.
Christian is very versatile and can produce a variety of artwork from 2D, 3D down to Sprite animation.
See his online portfolio here


 Max Davenport
is a recent graduate, currently working as a contract Concept Artist
at Rare Ltd. - Microsoft Game Studios.
During his study at Uclan, Max had a work placement at Rare, which was a brilliant experience for him, which culminated in his current role with them.
You can see Max's artwork at the following link:


Paul Bannon is a 3D artist at TT-Fusion, Warner Bros. in Cheshire, where he recently
worked on LEGO City Undercover
You can see Paul's website at the following link:

Alumni, Moh Mukhtar  creates 2D art for a Facebook game, 'Village Life' which he designed and executed for Playdemic in Wilmslow.
Moh's is a versatile concept artist and his website can be found at the following link: 

Andy Kerr graduated from Uclan Games design course and initially worked as a Junior Artist at 'Travellers Tales Fusion' in Wilmslow, Cheshire UK. Following this he began work as a 3D artist at 'Gaia Technologies' developing assets fro ground breaking educational systems. Andy has been with Gaia in Bangor, North Wales, for several years now.
You can see some of his spectacular work here. 
Katie Clague completed her Games Design degree at Uclan and went on to work at  
Travellers Tales Ltd. as a Junior Level Construction Artist on their range of Lego game titles. 

Alumni, David Woodman is Art Director at Travellers Tales Fusion
Dave Graduated from Uclan Games Design course in 2005 with great 3D modelling and digital painting skills and has worked in the games industry ever since.  

These are just some of our talented and successful alumni.
There's lots more to be featured very soon.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Introducing Pinterest to students as a visual research tool

In the last year, we have introduced Pinterest to our games design students as a visual research tool.
We've been exploring images from Pinterest's rich variety of sources to create annotated moodboards and we've been gathering and sharing imagery to inspire and inform design.

Our games design course began using Pinterest in Sept. 2012 as a means of storing and sharing images that inspire. At this point there were many images to be found that would spark the creative imagination but it seemed that few were directly connected with 'game art.' Since then we have seen an increase of games design/art related pins from around the world filling the screen at Pinterest.

We always encourage students to add a reference to their pins,
(Author, date)
In addition to the usual link to the original source, I would love to see a referencing tag option added to each pin which would use Harvard referencing format to cite and link to further sources of reading and study such as academic papers, books, journals, magazines, images etc.

This could either be integrated into Pinterest as it stands,
or their could be a special area within Pinterest for visually based academic research.

This would create a place where students could not only gather inspiration, but could openly share their research pathways with a direct IMMEDIACY that has never before been attempted within academic circles. This would appeal so strongly to young people who think in visual terms and love to work with digital networks.

Click on the image below to see our Games Design course Pinterest network as it currently stands.