Saturday, 19 October 2013

#UCLanCF - MA Show

UCLan CF - MA Show

Last night saw the preview opening of the fantastic MA Show
from the UCLan School of Art, Design and Performance.
If you'd like to share in this treat, it's open to the public during the following times.
FROM: 09:00 - 18:00

Below are a few images from the opening evening
We're so proud of our MA Games design students who featured prominently in the show.
Some striking concept art by Broady Blackwell
Exciting gameplay and stunning imagery in 'Ether' created by James Burton 
as part of the 'White Paper Games' team 
Superb Innovative design by Alexander Bellingham
currently working freelance on some cutting edge content with Sony SCEE
Jimmy Cave's awesome 'Grand Theft Inferno' artwork.

Monday, 14 October 2013

‘Drawing for Games’ session!

First years on (not so) covert manoeuvres in a ‘Drawing for Games’ session!
Uclan Games Design

Top Down Shooter Bugs

This Year 1 project not only covers the basics of creating a top down shooter using the visual programming tools of Construct 2 
but it also teaches the use of digital painting skills and alpha texturing for sprites. 
It helps students to understand optimisation and the use of low-resolution image 
and sound files for mobile games and covers the creation of seamless background tiles.

Quite a good all round exercise and with the reward of some fun game-play.
Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of the tutorials to add their own 

individual take on the design and challenge of the game play.

Here's a Spider Top Down Shooter battle by Games Design student, 
Gareth Hart. 
Click the images below to play the various games


These will run in Internet Explorer or Firefox if you have a browser that supports HTML5 

Year 1 student, Kamil Sroka also created an interesting solution to our first top down shooter brief.


And Year 1 student, Mikey, also created a solution to our first top down shooter brief


Plus Year 1 student, Robin Williams, has another solution :)

And a heavy metal top down bug shooter from Year 1 student, Sean Boardman

And here's my version :)