Monday, 27 January 2014

BugBox- visual programming experiment.

Here's an initial interactive diversion that I've created as part of my exploration into the use of the games canvas to enhance communication and sharing of ideas.

Click on the image below to PLAY and interact.

I created the interactive BugBox for 'Curiovan: Explorium of Natural Wonderment​' in response to their challenge to depict "beauty, brutality and complexity of nature" any medium they wanted, any approach as long as it fitted within the confines of a matchbox.

Curiovan is a mobile gallery and museum showcasing the natural world and art inspired by it. 
A world in miniature, a magical natural history collection, funded by Arts Council England, 
Curiovan is curated around an imagined Victorian explorer's library packed with cabinets of 
collected curiosities.

This is just the beginning of my study and I intend to play with the possibilities and see where they lead. I have begun my research by exploring childhood memories. As a child I loved collecting bugs, tadpoles, wild flowers etc. I created an App as part of an exploration of what can be achieved with visual programming. It’s called the 'Bugbox' 
This filmed example in the following link was part of my presentation
at Edge Hill University CAKE Conference, July 2014:
Click to watch video.

Memory Box

How can we use the contained space of the games canvas to support the notion of preserving the past to enhance the future? 
This project seeks to acknowledge ideas and objects which may otherwise be lost and forgotten. To aid exploration and reflection of chosen themes through expressive and playful interactive experiences and to capture and interpret moments in time as they evolve. Through practical experimentation this could lead to ways of initiating and developing communal projects or research activities by encouraging discussion and reflection and even offer a new approach to therapy.
I have begun by exploring childhood memories.
This filmed example was part of my presentation at Edge Hill University CAKE festival: