Friday, 3 January 2014

Plinky Plonk Xmas App is live.

Plinky-Plonk Xmas 
This app is primarily aimed at kids but everyone can have fun with it!
Plinky Plonk teaches you how to play beginner carols on a piano and read music.
Choose a carol & the frog will jump when the correct notes are played.
Icebergs depict the music notes.

Two of our games design students, Hannah Spikings, Steph McStea
and I have been working with Jane Cull of FoCul Ltd. on this iPad app
for the past nine months or so, which has just gone live for Christmas 2013!

Click the image below for the free download from the Apple store

The original version of the game has been out for some time, 
but will soon get a brand new update.
Click image below for more

If you have an iPad,  

you can download the Christmas version for free here!