Wednesday, 30 April 2014

'Plinky Plonk' version 2 is out!

'Plinky Plonk' the piano app 
that Uclan games design team helped to make 
is now "Even Better" (in other words version 2!) is out 
- ready and waiting for all those iPads out there! 
If you download it, please stick a rating/review on the App Store.

A HUGE thanks from me, Bev Bush, to all the team
- Jane Cull, Hannah Spikings, Steph Mcstea, Emma Smith,  
Phil Bush and Sean Cull for all their support. 
Not to forget Jane's children and their friends who did the voices... 
It's only just out and had hundreds of downloads across the world so far!
Download here.

White Paper Games Nominated for Develop Award

White Paper Games

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

BIG Congratulations to WHITE PAPER GAMES


A small independent team that has just released Ether One: A first person adventure game for PC. 
Out now on Steam, GOG, Humble & Gamers Gate.

It’s now been a week since they released Ether One.

If you wanted to see what people have been saying about the game follow the link below from WPG website. 

Ether One Reviews / First Impressions

WPG attended the EGX Rezzed event in early April and had a great time! They also met some really great developers there! They created a list of some of our favourite games at the show so be sure to check the link below: 

Friends & Games from EGX Rezzed 2014

Rezzed is a really good event for anyone wanting to showcase their games. It has friendly atmosphere, the staff running the show are super helpful and it’s an overall good experience for developers & gamers alike!
WPG got some great feedback on Ether One


 Some awesome news!

Over the next few weeks WPG are going to be looking into getting Ether One onto one of the Playstation consoles. They still have a few details to work out but they’re really excited to have the opportunity to be working with Sony on Ether One.



The Gadget Show Live invited WPG to showcase Ether 1!
Well done to White Paer Games for the launch of Ether 1. We're SO proud of you all!
There's some great reviews of the game out there so far and we're sure it's that this is just the start!


9-Bit Idol pitch for Dare To Be Digital

9-Bit Idol is a games design team made up of UCLan students who 
have developed a game pitch for Dare To Be Digital
You can see their intro video in the link below. CHECK IT OUT!

The students involved are:
Jay Z. Ashcroft- Team Leader, Designer
Matt Hoey- Character Artist, Designer
Becky Michelak- Concept and Environment art
Andrew (Montee) Montana- Environment and technical art
Niall McConnell- Programmer

Good luck in the competition guys!