Monday, 2 June 2014

Uclan Games Design Second Year student showcase 2014

Our second year students have produced a variety of game art this year.
See just some examples of their work below. More to follow soon, so watch this space :)

1. Hand painted textures for SDK meshes.

An SDK is a model that’s available to the community for download from the internet by its original artist, with the purpose of being used to help others learn to be better texture artists by letting them focus on just that: texturing.

The task is to texture one of the SDK meshes provided and then import that into UDK for final presentation. No changes to the models are allowed and no additional props are allowed. 
Rigging and posing the character is OK.  

Games Design Character 3D- design build and texture a character that would fit into the game world of Dota 2.









Design a 3D game asset and showcase in UDK engine.

Design and build an original UDK level using modular assets.







Baking NextGen textures and Mudbox sculpting.

Oculus Rift based Level design and build for UDK engine

Also see Youtube videos of Oculus Rift levels in the following links.
Eat Them All level Design for Oculus Rift , Paul Wolfe's video of level

Reactor level Design for Oculus Rift in UDK Gameplay01-04
By Uclan Games Design second year students.
DanBavin, Vytautas Januskevicius and Peter Hurst