Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences visit to Uclan

This month we were very pleased to welcome lecturers and students from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 6th - 9th October. Thanks to Uclan Games Design Lecturer, Rhoda Daly for introducing this opportunity to us.
Senior Lecturers, Jens Müller, Thomas Rist, and Mike Loos, brought a group of their design students to the UK to experience a few days together at UCLan, explore the campus and surrounding area, meet with students on our Games Design course and to share potentially collaborative ideas.

Jens and Thomas presented a fascinating showcase of student work and we were able to hear the details of development directly from our student visitors. It was very interesting to learn about the study that is done in Augsburg.
The Augsburg students are a homogeneous team. Slawa joined as a very respected and skilled student from the same study program and Corinna is from communication design with an interest in games. They worked together for two semesters on two different 'Unity' adventure games with different team roles. For all of our students it was be very interesting to see other working environments, other approaches and methods and to get in touch with each other.
Click HERE to see samples of work from Augsburg Game Development.
The students shared lessons and lectures during the visit but also there was a lively social schedule where the students made friends and had some fun together, out and about in Preston city centre.