Thursday, 1 January 2015

More robot games designed by Year 1 Uclan Games design students

A selection of top down shooter games designed by Year 1 students.
3D models created and rendered in Autodesk Maya and game play
implemented in the Construct 2 game engine from @scirra


Sian Knight 
Robot Shooter

Chris Leatham
Robot Shooter

Catherine Clarke-Drago
Robot Shooter

Ibrahim Ahmed
Robot Shooter

Marvin Fenol
Robot Shooter

Rob Thorne's Space Robots

Andrie Crisan's Drone Wars. Wonderfully rich visuals!

James Lodge created this space robot shooter game using Construct2 software by Scirra.
As game-play builds up, music adds to the excitement.

Daniel Thorneborrow's Robot world

James Smith Robot Game

Matt McClymont Robots

Megan Thackerberry Robot war

Ryan Balfe's Robots