Sunday, 17 May 2015

Epic Games Visit Uclan Games Design

Only the Epic European Territory Manager, Mike Gamble, the CTO, Kim Libreri & the General Manager, Ray Davis of EPIC GAMES in our games design studio at UclanCF.
Such an awesome day for our students.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Uclan Groups present GAME JAM concepts

The first annual UCLan Game Jam is upon us! Students have 4 weeks to create any game of their choice. 1st year and 2nd year Game Design students work together on this project.
Students are free to pick their game platform of choice – whether it be a 3D engine such as Unreal Engine 4, Construct 2 or a paper game – it is up to them to decide what your strongest platform will be to present a game idea.
A committee of Industry professionals have agreed to judge the games and give out prizes to be won at the Finale where each group must submit a complete, playable game. The game will be judged on playability, accessibility, design, visuals and team collaboration.

Group 1 GAME JAM concept introduced by Sarah Akers and Alex Haddow-Mendes 2015
Group 2 GAME JAM concept introduced by Catherine Clarke Drago and Mikey Stones

Group 3 GAME JAM concept introduced by Scott Swarbrick and Shannon Patterson

Group 4 GAME JAM concept introduced by Jack Tidy and Rob Thorne

Group 5 GAME JAM concept introduced by Gareth Hart and Chris Leatham

Group 6 GAME JAM concept introduced by Rashel Miah and Sean Boardman

Group 7 GAME JAM concept introduced by Adam Mattis and Robin Williams

Group 8 GAME JAM concept introduced by Josh Healey and Anthony Winbrow

UCLan games design groups present Lego game ideas.

UCLan first year games design groups present their Lego game ideas to 
Arthur Parsons, Game Director at TT-Games - UCLAN GAMES 2015

Arthur Parsons has been working with TT Games since 1997. Back then, they were called Traveller’s Tales Ltd. and were working on games for Disney, like A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo. 
Arthur started work with Travellers Tales as a QA tester and through his passion for games, ability to promote and present ideas and his great work as a team player, Arthur is now a Game Director often managing teams up to 150 people strong. 
Arthur is great advocate of games for young people and is particularly renowned for his leadership in games design on family friendly game titles including a host of Lego games such as Lego Harry Potter and Lego Marvel Heroes. Arthur is extremely generous with his time and shares his enthusiasm for the world of family orientated gaming.  

Arthur is well respected for his work in games and is interviewed and appears in the press globally, particularly talking about his work on Lego games. He travels the world speaking at highly prestigious entertainment and gaming events and is also a blogger on a variety of gaming topics, including,

For the brief students were challenged to create game concepts, level game mechanics and character orientated game mechanics for the topic of Fairy Tales or Myths and Legends.
The students worked in groups and presented their ideas to Arthur and their peers for feedback.

Click below to see a movie of presentation samples