Friday, 27 November 2015

Grads In Games visit to UCLAN for the Get in the Game Careers Talk Tour

Grads In Games visit to UCLAN for the Get in the Game Careers Talk Tour 2015 proved to be a really informative event! #gitg15
Students from both Games Design and Games Development courses flocked into the studio to hear talks by the Grads In Games team guests:

Ben Milnes, Recruitment guru at Aardvark Swift
Lee Stott, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft for talk slides see: Landing your Dream Job
Uclan Alumni, Gavin who also won #SearchForAStar and Stockx from Boss Alien
Their talks helped students to learn what it really takes to make it into such a competitive industry. Covering topics such as:
• Career advice
• Information of how to maximise your chances of securing your first industry role.
• CV, Portfolio and Demo Advice
• Interview Techniques
• Technical and practical knowledge required by studios
• How to increase employability
• Q and A session
This was a great opportunity to gain expert information which could prove vital in our student careers and was worth every minute.
Advice included:
  • Use 'SketchFab' to showcase 3D work.
  • Aim to have a playable game published BEFORE you leave Uni.
  • Keep CV's uncluttered and link them in your online portfolio
  • Make sure the most important info is visible and accessible in your online portfolio
  • Include work to show how you have progressed in your online portfolio
  • For level designs, the modding approach is recommended
  • Construct 2 from Scirra is great for creating and publishing your games
  • Games Artists and Designers should make connections with Games Programmers at form teams and get collaborate creatively
  • Get your own business card for networking
  • Use 'Itchio' to promote your game- Open indie game marketplace and DIY game jam host

Ben Milnes- Aardvark Swift

Boss Alien

Lee Stott- Tech Evangelist at Microsoft

A big turnout from Games students
                     T Shirts prizes for correctly answered questions :)

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Search For A Star Code and Art Competitions

Open to final year & postgraduate students. Grand prize of an interview offer from one of our partner studios. 
Open to first- and second-year students. Grand prize of an internship with one of our partner studios.

A national initiative to improve the links between the UK games industry and academia.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Dan Bavin starts new job at Ninja Theory

Some lovely NEWS.

One of our recent Uclan Games Design graduates, Dan Bavin has just completed his first
few months at @NinjaTheory games studios and we've just heard that he's been offered a
job with them in Cambridge.

Really well done and well deserved too. All the best and Congratulations.

Dan was also the winner of the Uclan Creative Focus award 2015
Dan's on-line portfolio can be accessed here

Dan Bavin's Contact details can be found on LinkedIn

Dan's own website is:

Sunday, 1 November 2015

A selection of first year project examples from Uclan Games Design.

Sprite design for a top down shooter game

Sprites for the 'Design and build a Top Down Shooter Game in Construct 2' brief

See examples of the Top Down Shooter Games Here:
and Bev Bush's game here

Design and Build a Robot shooter game in Construct 2

Design and build a Platform game in Construct 2

Design and build a 3D Corner in Maya and import into the UE4 engine.

Design and build a 3D alpha prop in Autodesk Maya

Design a Racer for a given mesh. Racer Model designed by Mario KKounnous.

For the end of Semester Game Jam, work within a team to design a game in 4 weeks.
Teams share their game concepts

One Winning example,

UClan Game Jam - Nox


Uclan Games Design Hand Painted texturing brief.

Hand Painted texturing is an essential skill for any 3D artist. It requires a good understanding of value, lighting and colour theory and above all - good aesthetic sensibilities and an understanding of the model you're working with. A texture has the power of converting polygons and vertices into a complete 3D object that has a feeling of weight, surface material and presence. 

Project Details:
For this assignment, second year students were required to create a hand painted texture for a 3D mesh provided from a selection of SDK 3D character models found on-line in the PolyCount forum.

One mesh texturing challenge was the SDK Goblin by MOP which is downloadable on the PolyCount forum here.
For example: this ZIP file contains:
OBJ files of the model in T-pose, and two action poses.
TGA image of the UV wireframe.
PSD document with an AO bake layer and the UV layer, set up and ready for painting!

A second mesh texturing challenge was a Strongman by JGcount. 

Details can be found on the Polycount forum and files are downloadable from here

Finally, a third mesh texturing challenge was a Witch by JR

Details of the PolyCount forum thread can be found here and the files are down-loadable at this link.

Witch by AJMattis