Sunday, 1 November 2015

A selection of first year project examples from Uclan Games Design.

Sprite design for a top down shooter game

Sprites for the 'Design and build a Top Down Shooter Game in Construct 2' brief

See examples of the Top Down Shooter Games Here:
and Bev Bush's game here

Design and Build a Robot shooter game in Construct 2

Design and build a Platform game in Construct 2

Design and build a 3D Corner in Maya and import into the UE4 engine.

Design and build a 3D alpha prop in Autodesk Maya

Design a Racer for a given mesh. Racer Model designed by Mario KKounnous.

For the end of Semester Game Jam, work within a team to design a game in 4 weeks.
Teams share their game concepts

One Winning example,

UClan Game Jam - Nox