Sunday, 1 November 2015

Uclan Games Design Hand Painted texturing brief.

Hand Painted texturing is an essential skill for any 3D artist. It requires a good understanding of value, lighting and colour theory and above all - good aesthetic sensibilities and an understanding of the model you're working with. A texture has the power of converting polygons and vertices into a complete 3D object that has a feeling of weight, surface material and presence. 

Project Details:
For this assignment, second year students were required to create a hand painted texture for a 3D mesh provided from a selection of SDK 3D character models found on-line in the PolyCount forum.

One mesh texturing challenge was the SDK Goblin by MOP which is downloadable on the PolyCount forum here.
For example: this ZIP file contains:
OBJ files of the model in T-pose, and two action poses.
TGA image of the UV wireframe.
PSD document with an AO bake layer and the UV layer, set up and ready for painting!

A second mesh texturing challenge was a Strongman by JGcount. 

Details can be found on the Polycount forum and files are downloadable from here

Finally, a third mesh texturing challenge was a Witch by JR

Details of the PolyCount forum thread can be found here and the files are down-loadable at this link.

Witch by AJMattis