Saturday, 30 April 2016

Best Game Award at Uclan Games Jam 2016 .

'Sun Down' by Squad 9 Team scooped the award for 'Best Game' for the 2016 UCLan Games Jam
See the game here: click image to see Video in link :

Yesterday was the culmination of 4 weeks worth of hard work. As some of you may know students took part in UCLan Game Design's Second Annual Game Jam.
They were tasked with creating a game from scratch. This game was the product of 4 weeks.
Well done to the whole team "SquadNine".
Team members include: Steph Russell, Daniel Nye, James Lodge, Jo Brannigan, Nic Jones, Marco Carmo, Monica Cole-Simonetta, Greg Roberts, Aaron Fitton and Ben Richardson.

Adam Mattis of Squad team 9 said,
"I used knowledge from all the resources I could. I used everything that I have learned from my time in game development study and I had a lot of fun.

I worked long, late and hard as a part of an excellent group and team of friends that I'd happily work with again and because of that, because of the hard working attitude that we all showed, we did it and we won. We have the very first trophy made for the competition too.
Here's a photo of us with the trophy. I'll be sure to put up some of my interview videos and more pictures soon too.
Thank you to the whole team "SquadNine" and our tutors/judges for making this such a brilliant

Adam Mattis talks about the making of 'Sun Down ' alongside his team during the BA(Hons) Games Design Course Games Jam.

Click image to see Video in link :

Visit from Tom Kewell of Foundry 42

A big 'Thank You' to Thomas Kewell, Games Designer at Foundry 42 for adjudicating at the Uclan Games Jam 2016. @Jamuclan.
Tom played all the games and joined in the prize giving with some top tips for students. Tom is an Alumni of the course and it was awesome to have him return to speak with the teams and share his views of their achievements.

See: Video Link

Uclan Games Jam 2016 Finale and Awards

Teams from the Games Jam @ UCLan Film, Media & Performance show-cased some awesome games at the big Finale yesterday. All the teams demonstrated a variety of skills and some were particularly outstanding.
Thanks to OJ Farrell for announcing the awards and special thanks to our Industry Adjudicator, Thomas Kewell of Foundry 42 for presenting the awards to the winning teams.

The prize for 'Best Art' goes to Andrei Crisan for his work on 'Crypt Creeper'.

Award for 'Best Blue Print' goes to Umaya Younis for his work on 'Ignis Minima'

Award for 'Best Level Design' goes to Anthony Winbow for 'Crypt Creeper'.

'Wild Card' Award goes to Nic Jones for her evocative story board on the award winning game, 'Sun Down'.

'Special Mention' Award to Daniel Handforth for pulling his team together really well and

'Best Sound Award' goes to the 'Echo' for their creative use of sound as a mechanic.

'Best Game' Award goes to 'Squad 9' team for 'Sun Down'

Not to forget a big 'Thank you' to Pete Bottomley for organising the event and to all our guest speakers throughout the Games Jam.

See Prize giving here: Click image for video.

The Game 'Crypt Creeper' won two awards in the Uclan Games Jam 2016.
Award for 'Best Art' goes to Andrei Crisan and Award for 'Best Level Design' goes to Anthony Winbow. Well done to all the team for pulling together to create the game.
Click on Image for Video.

See Best Blueprint Game here:

Click images below for videos of 'Echo'

See the awesome TROPHY that James Burton made specially for the 'Best Game Award' of the UCLan Film, Media & Performance Games Jam. And here's the winning team holding it high
for their game 'Sun Down.' Thank you James and well done to Sun Down team and ALL the teams for an awesome day.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Games Design and Games programming students team up.

Our Games design students collaborating with web design coding students @JAMUCLAN.

Coding Tutor Mark Porter and Design tutor, Bev Bush brought their students together for a fun session of sharing games that will feature in specially designed web pages.
This was a good opportunity for students to network and make contacts for future collaboration.
Design students brought their recently completed Construct 2 platform and top down shooter games to showcase to web designers who then chose their favourites in a competitive round.

See a selection of some of our first year Construct 2 games below and here:

Girls design games @jamuclan

Girls make Games at Uclan. BA(Hons) Games Design @Scirra for the Creative Thinking module 
with Tutor, Bev Bush.

See short video play through of sample Platform and Top down shooter games:
UCLan Film, Media & Performance 

Jaymie Landas First Year Construct2‬ Project

Sara Renou First Year Construct2‬ Project

Arthur Parsons of TTGames awarded an Honorary Fellowship from Uclan

It was great to have two visits this March from Arthur Parsons of #TTGames.
Arthur  brought an exciting high point to the week with his talk about IP @jamuclan. 
Great way to end before the Easter Hols.

Arthur was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from Uclan during the 2015 Degree ceremony for 10 years of generous support that he has given our Games Design students.
Arthur was also guest speaker at the ceremony and shared his extensive experience of working in the video games industry to a large audience of graduates and their families.

Uclan Games Design Easter Quiz

Games Design Easter Extravaganza in full swing.

Prizes for the Easter Games Quiz.

Egg Wiinners! Games Easter Party @JamUclan