Saturday, 30 April 2016

Uclan Games Jam 2016 Finale and Awards

Teams from the Games Jam @ UCLan Film, Media & Performance show-cased some awesome games at the big Finale yesterday. All the teams demonstrated a variety of skills and some were particularly outstanding.
Thanks to OJ Farrell for announcing the awards and special thanks to our Industry Adjudicator, Thomas Kewell of Foundry 42 for presenting the awards to the winning teams.

The prize for 'Best Art' goes to Andrei Crisan for his work on 'Crypt Creeper'.

Award for 'Best Blue Print' goes to Umaya Younis for his work on 'Ignis Minima'

Award for 'Best Level Design' goes to Anthony Winbow for 'Crypt Creeper'.

'Wild Card' Award goes to Nic Jones for her evocative story board on the award winning game, 'Sun Down'.

'Special Mention' Award to Daniel Handforth for pulling his team together really well and

'Best Sound Award' goes to the 'Echo' for their creative use of sound as a mechanic.

'Best Game' Award goes to 'Squad 9' team for 'Sun Down'

Not to forget a big 'Thank you' to Pete Bottomley for organising the event and to all our guest speakers throughout the Games Jam.

See Prize giving here: Click image for video.

The Game 'Crypt Creeper' won two awards in the Uclan Games Jam 2016.
Award for 'Best Art' goes to Andrei Crisan and Award for 'Best Level Design' goes to Anthony Winbow. Well done to all the team for pulling together to create the game.
Click on Image for Video.

See Best Blueprint Game here:

Click images below for videos of 'Echo'

See the awesome TROPHY that James Burton made specially for the 'Best Game Award' of the UCLan Film, Media & Performance Games Jam. And here's the winning team holding it high
for their game 'Sun Down.' Thank you James and well done to Sun Down team and ALL the teams for an awesome day.