Friday, 1 July 2016

14 Uclan Games Design Alumni are credited on Lego Starwars Force Awakens.

UCLAN team assemble at TT_Games Ltd.

It's great to know that since Bev Bush came to Uclan from Traveller's Tales Ltd. 11 years ago, (having just worked on the first Lego games, Lego Stars 1 and 2) over 40 of our Games Design students have been employed on a variety of contracts by both Travellers Tales Ltd. in Knutsford and their sister company TT-Fusion in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
In fact, 14 Uclan Games Design Alumni are credited on 'Lego Starwars Force Awakens' which was launched in July 2016.

Congratulations to our Uclan Games Design Alumni, Steven Thornton and Edward Marsland for their part as Level Directors in the making of 'Starwars the Force Awakens' Lego game.
Richard Greer as Assistant Game Director
David Woodman as Lead Artist, 
Chris Wyatt - also a Level director
Alexandra Jaeschke as Environment Artist, 
Chris Flanders as Senior Game Scripter,  
Robert Duckworth, Daniel Maddox and Jamie Power as Junior Level Construction Designers and Phil Sloan as UI Artist.
Congratulations also go to our Uclan Games Design Alumni,  
Vytautas Januškevičius, Will Hunter and Theo Clarke for their credits for  
Quality Control on the game.


Will Hunter: Quality Control



Theo Clarke: Quality Control
Lead Games Designer, Arthur Parsons supports and visits Uclan's Games Design course on an annual basis to give valuable presentations and workshops. So much so that he was made an 'Honourary Fellow of Uclan' in 2015.
Many others of of his colleagues have also shown great support and interest in our students and have regularly attended the Degree shows , including Head Artists Leon Warren and Nicola Daly and many other talented Games Design specialists from the company. Lead Animator Jeremy Pardon even spent a semester teaching on the course a few years ago which was a great bonus to the students.

We are very appreciative of the attention and support we've received from Travellers Tales over the years and we've now reached a point where are own alumni have gained good positions in the company and often come back to visit and share their experience so that current students can be inspired and encouraged from hearing of their success.

Those alumni who have been employed by TT-games include those mentioned above as well as Stephen Sharples, Katie Clague,  Georgina  Cronshaw, Stewart Allardes, Paul Bannon, David Howell, Leigh Hadfield, Dec Troughton, Ben Parr, Christian Fell and many more.