Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Game by Nellie Sandblom as published on Scirra Arcade.

Game by Nellie Sandblom as published on Scirra Arcade.

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Fish Game

Monday, 24 October 2016

Alumni Robin Williams work results in demand for GTA vehicle.


you might be interested to see Robin Williams, (a recent graduate from Uclan Games Design) has reworked an already existing GTA vehicle to bring to life: a widebody Porsche.

He created a 'would-be' DLC trailer (Tuners & Outlaws) to make it appear as real as possible. Since posting it onto YouTube and Facebook it's gathered almost 1 million views between them in the space of just a week; 550k on Youtube and 350k on Facebook at the time of writing.

The reception has been nothing like he could imagine. The vast majority of people believing it's a real DLC due to be released, unless they're told otherwise. Thus, resulting in an uproar for demand directed towards Rockstar Games. Rockstar have recently released a Biker DLC as a result of a popular fan-made video gathering 450k views in 6 months and petition gathering 18,000 signatures. However, his video passed that mark in just 5 days and the petition already has 5000 signatures.

The car Robin modeled (Maibatsu Revolution) appears multiple times throughout the video.  See images of the car with varied modifications below including the widebody Pfister Comet (RWB Porsche inspired car).

The video also features cars with a wide track width and camber and includes a chopper bike with Nitrous canisters; a few additional touches made via 3D modelling to make it appear more believable. Now that Robin fully understands how vehicle models work in the RAGE engine, he finds modelling for GTA quite straight forward; he was able to manipulate and model the widebody kit and spoilers for the Comet and import them in just a few hours.

Tuners and Outlaws DLC video:
YouTube (recommended - higher quality):

The DLC petition & pitch:

Also, try watching a selection of the Rockstar trailers for comparison:
Cunning Stunts DLC:
Finance and Felony DLC: