Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Uclan Games students working with 'Soccer Manager'.

Great opportunity for work experience for twenty of our Games Design students over the last 2 days testing on Soccer Manager Arena.
This was an enjoyable event and both days were reported as very successful for both the company and the students.

Soccer Manager Arena@ManagerArena

The NEW football strategy game. Collect your team and play against other players in real time.

Our students have had two productive days of testing and work experience. The game is looking good and closed Beta will start later today.
Soccer Manager Arena is a card collecting, PvP real time football game.

With this game you can:

Play the team you are dealt!

Collect player cards and create your unique team lineups and formations. Each card has its combination of attributes to help you succeed in the Arena. Create your very own decks by choosing your cards tactically to compete against other managers.

Join the world of “Arena Clubs.”

Create your own Arena Club with other managers from around the world. Work together to top the Arena Club leader-boards by winning games and earning points for your Club. Strengthen each other's decks by donating players before each game. By joining an Arena Club, you will be able to play friendly matches with other Arena Club members and exchange information by using team chat.

-Compete in real-time matches with managers from across the world.
-Develop your team by unlocking card packs.
-Learn from other Arena Managers on Arena TV!
-Compete in different types of Football Arenas.
-Create an Arena Club and help develop each other's team.
-Play against friends.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Congratulations Sian Knight, Jake Taylor and Anthony Winbow who have been nominated for the Creative Achievement in Games Design Award as part of the Great Northern Creative Festival THE NORTHERN FESTIVAL AWARDS.
They were nominated by the Games Design Course Team because they've shown outstanding dedication to learning and demonstrated industry standard creative and technical ability – all in all we are very impressed and proud of their achievements!
 The Award Ceremony was on the evening of Saturday 12th November in MiST, Media Factory.

Well done from the Games Design Course Team.

Also, big congrats to Anthony Winbow for being selected for the award. Really well done!

More pics to follow.

Friday, 11 November 2016

The Great Northern Creative Festival Games Event.

As part of 'The Great Northern Creative Festival' Games Design at Uclan, industry professionals were invited to speak and present workshops for the students.

See the programme below showing the awesome speakers that were involved.

Students enjoyed a fascinating insight into the world of Games Design from our very talented Alumni, Peter Field of Media Molecule, who shared his experience of composition within level design with a unique personal take on how to lead the player effectively using best practise guidelines from architecture.

Alumni, Becky Michelak and Ben Bennett gave a presentation on 'How to learn from failing' where they shared some very useful online resources.
A truly valuable talk about how to survive and progress in the Indie games sector of the industry.
This was followed by a workshop where Ben and Becky challenged students to create games that involved movement, utilising limited resources.

Alumni, Peter Bottomley of White Paper Games also hosted an hour long chat on Skype with another of our Alumni, Senior Games Designer, Steven Thornton who is currently working at Sperasoft in Russia. Awesome to hear first hand how Steven progressed his career through his willingness to take on challenges, learn new skills and being open to all opportunities for development.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Great Northern Creative Festival 2016

The Great Northern Creative Festival is on next week - there is lots on which would be of interest to you.
Check out this link for more info

This is a university wide event at UCLan, so it is not just limited to Games Design.