Thursday, 9 February 2017

BA(Hons) Games Design at Uclan.


Our Games design course was established 12 years ago in response to a growing demand from the games industry for higher education to provide degree courses to equip graduates with the right skills to go into the games industry. 
This Blog,
is used to promote our course events, record our student achievements and contribute to the energy and dynamic of the course .

The student work found on these web pages will give prospective students a good idea of the sort of work produced on the course.

It is a good idea to keep a blog diary to record your work development as this is a very accessible way for people to view your work.

We also have a Facebook page:

You can see more info at the link below.

Application to the course is through UCAS.
BA (Hons) Games Design (UCAS Code – WG24):

In addition to the points requirements for the course an e-portfolio is required for successful admission to the course. The following portfolio information will be sent out to you by our Admissions Department on receipt of your application for the course, however I know from talking with you on Sunday that some of you would like the opportunity to be aware of this information beforehand so for that reason I am including it here.

The purpose of the portfolio is primarily for you demonstrate your creative ability and potential.

Portfolio content:

We suggest between ten to fifteen pieces of work – multiple images may relate to one body of work if you wish to showcase cohesion of the design process undertaken. Acceptable forms of work may include any of the following:

Traditional drawing, digital painting, graphic art, character design, animation, level design, design documentation, renders of 3D meshes, sculpts, texture work, block-maps, playable game, screen grabs of level ‘mods’ and/or prototypes. You may include GCSE projects, hobby work, craft skills.