Saturday, 11 March 2017

Top Down Shooter Games Design Plans

Our first year BA (Hons) Games Design students were tasked by Tutor, Josh Wright, to create a top down level design document that contains at least one level, with supporting level flow instructions.


• It is important that the document is clear, easy to follow and understand.

• Illustrated in 2D.

• Includes a level flow in the document.

• The level should be planned to take the players 10-20 mins to complete.

In this brief, students learn about creating a top down level design on paper. They are given a set of mechanics to structure their level design around. The level design has to have a start and a finish, with all key game-play clearly numbered. Students also provide a document explaining any key game-play that they include.

The aim of the brief is to help students understand the process of creating paper level design plans. Students are encouraged to try multiple designs before settling on the one design to present as their final piece.

Here are a selection of their final designs in answer to the brief.