Sunday, 30 December 2018

Games Designer and UCLan Alumni, Steven Thornton in MCV interview.

Lead games designer at 'Sperasoft' Steven Thornton, who worked on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Rainbow Six Siege and over ten Lego games, explains how QA is still a route to games design and what he looks for in applicants.

See the interview with Steven at the following link:

Steven has extensive experience in Games Design having worked as Games Director and Lead Level Designer at TTFusion in Wilmslow, prior to moving to his current role as Lead Games Designer at Sperasoft in Russia.

We're very proud of Steven's achievements as we're pleased to say that Steven completed both his MA and BA at Uclan Games Design with First class distinction.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Uclan Games Design Christmas Party 2018.

The Games Design Christmas party was in full swing as a final celebration before the hols and following all the creative activity over the autumn term.

The photos speak for themselves to safely say that "A good time was had by all with prizes and lots of cake!

The Games Design staff would like to thanks everyone for joining in the merriment and a special thanks to Jim and Rhoda for running the event and the following students for their generous contributions towards the event.

Carla Brown (Year 1) for organising all the lovely food treats
Nicola Hynes (Year 2) for a smashing super chocolatey vegan yule log
Alex Keates, Lewis Wright , Dan Butler (Year 2) Luke Briggs, Sam Albanese (Year 3) for setting up the gaming and quiz questions
Dylan Swarbrick and Finley Tyler (Year 1) for setting up the Christmas lights
Dan Butler and Dominic Kay (Year 2) for the classic karaoke!

Monday, 3 December 2018

3rd Year student , Peter Dimitrov makes his mark.

Really well done to our third year Games Design student, @AnirnPeter for his passion and skill in completing the Feudal Japan 3D Game Environment Challenge on @ArtStationHQ 'The Shogunate'

Peter has now completed this ArtStation challenge where his work is showcased amongst submissions of a very high standard alongside highly professional artists from industry.

In Japanese culture, as well as in lots of others, the animals Peter has depicted are a common feature. In Japan rabbits are thought to bring fertility, cranes were thought to be immortal and as such were considered secret. Frogs, some say, bring luck. This is all referenced in text on the walls of the Calligraphers building.

Some some screenshots here:


Monday, 26 November 2018

The Great Northern Expo award for Games Design 2108

Big Congratulations go to our nominees for Games Design in the
'The Great Northern Creative Expo' awards 2018.
Peter Dimitrov,
James Moorby and
Jakob MacDonald were nominated for their creative excellence and passion for their subject.

AND......really well done to Jakob MacDonald, the final winner.

Also see the video of the award ceremony in the link below.


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Great Northern Festival - Games Design UCLan

Just want to say 'thank you' to David Hothersall of Insight Simulation
and Hannah Spikings of Spikings Art
for joining us in the UCLan games studio yesterday for the Great Northern Festival and for inspiring the students and staff with their presentations which we all enjoyed.

Here is a link to Tuesday's highlights video of The Great Northern Creative Expo:

David and Hannah are both featured in it!

David shared his extensive experience in the world of virtual reality and talked about the evolution and future of VR.

Hannah gave some insightful guidance about working as a freelance designer.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Freshers Games Design Challenge 2018

Freshers week and our introductory brief involved working in groups.
Their brief was to identify one or more typical game mechanics and propose a new game using the complete opposite of the mechanic(s) they selected.

The big challenge is how to make it just as interesting and fun as any other game!

Some considerations for the final submission:
·         What is/are the mechanic(s) and how do they normally work?
·         How has the opposite been implemented?
·         What is the overall concept of the game?
·         How does the game function, how is it played?
·         How is the player successful in the game?
·         Where is the fun?

 All groups came up with some great ideas for this challenge and we really enjoyed watching the ideas develop. The presentations at the end of the week demonstrated plenty of potential and scope in the various concepts.

There were 4 categories for winning prizes:
Best Art
Best Mechanics
Best Game Design
Best Overall Game we'd like to play 

and everyone who took part received a tote bag :)

And the winners are:

Best Art: Alex Boot

Best Mechanics: Serial Thriller by Mika White, Michael Gordon, Elliot Hardy and Jake Tiernan plus
Natalie Langbridge.

Best Games Design: Globes by Jamie Lobban, Seth Whiteside, Dylan Swarbrick and Sirawut Leethonglor,

Best Overall Game we'd like to play: Utopia by Carla Brown, Finlay Tyler, Daniel Jones-Monaghan,
Dawid Matuszny and Alex Boot.

Live Stream on Twitch TV. PlayStation talk with Peter Field of Media Molecule and Arthur Parsons of TT_Games.

Great to see our Alumni, Peter Field talking about #Dreams on PlayStation.
He’s live streaming on TWITCH TV from 2pm 23rd Sept as part of EGX 2018.
We are pretty blinking proud of him plus his last stream ended with an awesome balloon party ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

...take a look at Peter building a level of this gorgeous game world from scratch in Dreams!

Another treat! In the same Twitch TV screening from EGX we can see TT_Games very own 
Head of Design, Arthur Parsons talking about Lego DC Super Villains!