Friday, 2 March 2018

UCLan Games Alumni 'White Paper Games' featured in both Edge and Games TM Magazines.

In March 2018 double page spreads and interviews with Alumni, Pete Bottomley, Co-Founder of 'White Paper Games'  will be published in BOTH Edge and Games TM magazines chatting about their fascinating stealth thriller game
'The Occupation'!

The team, including UCLan Alumni, Pete Bottomley, James Burton, OJ Farrell, Scott Wells-Foster and NJ Apostel are experiencing enormous interest in the launch of their latest game, 'The Occupation' which follows the successful publication and sales of their first game, 'Ether 1.'
We're so proud of their achievements as we see them go from strength to strength, pushing the boundaries of their narrative and skills with each new endeavour.
It's also great to have them as Associate lecturers on the Games Design course at Uclan as their knowledge and industry experience is invaluable for our students to be in tune with current industry requirements.

Pete Bottomley commented that the success of WPG 
"Shows how important the UCLan course was in the development of our team!"
and we replied
"and how important WPG is in the development of our course!"

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